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25 Apr


No idea what to make of this yet..


Initial SleepCycle Results

25 Apr

Hmm probably want to make this goal to be 7:15. Will see in next two-weeks.


Initial Eatery Results

25 Apr


Experimenting and Early Results

24 Apr

A weigh-in and five days later…


I love the Eatery and taking pictures of everything I eat.  I was never one of those people constantly taking pictures at restaurants, but I’m glad I live in San Francisco where it is totally socially acceptable to do so.

I ate 62% for the weekend and deserved it after eating at In and Out, fancy dinner at Malveny’s in Sacramento, and brunch/bottomloss Mimosa/Sangria/Taco Sunday.

So far I’m at 86% this week.  Just to give an idea of ratings, raw carrots rated 99%, piece of dark chocolate 64% (still in the green), piece of cake at 25%, nigiri sushi and california rolls were 79%, homemade banana and berry smoothie with nonfat milk is 81%, mole with black beans and spanish rice was 45%, sangra 41%, truffle fries 35%, angus steak 49%.   It gets harder to “score” higher as you move up the healthy meter with entries of raw vegetables and fruits at the top.

I have a feeling I can probably maintain the momentum for weekdays at above 80-85%, but weekends will plummet.  I’ll experiment with this another two or three weeks to set baseline goals.  It has already made me definitely consciousness of what I’m eating if I’m gonna take a picture of it to be scrutinized on the internet.  On the flipside, I do love what other people are eating and all the items that appear throughout different times of the day and internationally.  I definitely get good ideas for healthy eating.

Sleep Cycle:

I have been averaging 7 hours and 12 minutes of sleep per night, which feels great.  I actually don’t think I’ve slept that consistently for weeks, but I feel quite motivated by this app and its nice alarm sounds.  I think I’m traumatized by Apples generic selection of ringtones at this point.  Again, another two-three weeks of experimentation to discover ideal amount for sleep.


I’ve been making it a goal to login at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day with four days of longer workouts (mostly weights, biking, or extended runs).  Still in the early stages of this.  I’m not that into the game aspect of it yet, though the social sharing looks powerful.


I’m only average about 2-3 a day, and I’d like to get to four for optimal studying in a day that gets a lot in, but doesn’t burn me out.

Stay tuned.

Gamifying My Life

20 Apr

I read about Fitocracy, and the founder’s concept of gamifying their lives for fitness.  I have a couple of life goals/lifestyle changes I’d like to accomplish/adopt, namely getting into grad school, sleeping more, and getting in shape.

To achieve this, I am mapping four goals with apps to “gamify” my life.

  1. Maximize Studying Time (Get Into Grad School with 4 Pomodoros a Day) – Pomodoro Technique  – Using Chrome App Pomodoro Daisuki.
  2. Get on a Regular Workout Schedule (Health) – Fitocracy/Runkeeper
  3. Track What I Eat – The Eatery
  4. Sleep 7-8 Hours a Night – Sleep Cycle

The most productive times in my life I’ve successfully lived out these goals was when I had nothing much to do.  For example, funemployment, only one summer class!  That doesn’t work as a grown-up in the Silicon Valley and has not been kind to my waistline, health, sanity, and doing the academics to get into grad school.

To remedy this, I hope gamifying my life will force me to make better choices to keep consistent with tracking and adding in a bit of element of fun to keep my goals.  I’m also testing the idea that by gamifying, I’ll be able to reduce the constraints of time and motivation of my daily routine in the way that made me successful when there was less to do.  After all, it’s fun being unemployed, you have plenty of time to workout and sleep.  That’s a fail now.

This is also a pretty interesting experience for me since I’ve always been on the end pushing out technology.  I told my mother how tech is “white hot” now and how I constantly get to go to fancy parties because of it.  She responded, “Isn’t that why people hate Wall Street people?” in as so many words.  I defended my wine-and-drink-free-cheese boozing by saying, “At least the technology we’re creating is truly making the world a better place and improving lives.”  Now I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is so to speak.

I’ll be updating this blog at least twice a week with progress.

Stay tuned.

Hello world!

20 Apr

Thanks for the welcome WordPress.  Another interface to play on…