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Redefine Study Schedule

20 Jun

Took a break last week in Vegas.  I led a Gamify-Free (read goal-less) life for a week and felt lost and confused and out of control.

So back to the grind.  Eatery, Fitocracy, and Sleep Cycle updates for tomorrow.

However studying planning is priority today.  I’ll need to study at least 15-20 hours a week it looks like to get some good momentum to take my GMAT at end of Sep and finish Berkeley Extension courses.  I’ve come to realize the best time to get some real studying done in the morning is before work, before a day of exhaustion and temptations at night get to me.  At least I’ll have a lot less stressful of a day.  

I’m also going to start doing some hours tracking to figure out where my time goes and how to manage it efficiently for the next two weeks as well.  Print outs time!  


5:30-7:15 Study – 4 Pomos (3 gmat 1 finance)


5:30-7:15 Study – 4 Pomos (3 gmat 1 finance)

9:00-10:00 Study – 2 Pomos 


6:30-7:30 Study 4 Pomos


7:30 – 8:30 2 Pomos GMAT


10:00 -1:00 Study

4:00 – 6:00 Study 

8:00 Study planning


Sleep Cycle Week 7

6 Jun

A little better this week, but still not sleeping enough.  On Saturday I ended up knocking up from 7pm to 9am the next day.  Tells me this is not enough.  I contemplated getting a new app because it’s still less than 7 hours and the average is loooong now, but that’s just another challenge.  Even if I haven’t fallen asleep, I’ll be getting rest and sleeping earlier.



Fitocracy Week 7

6 Jun


Did the walking last week, but only made it to the gym once.  So close to leveling up!!

This week:

-T-W-T Gym (20/20 weight cardio split)

-150 minutes of walking

-Going to a three day rave this weekend.  Should be awesome.


The Eatery Week 7

6 Jun

75% is a C… followed by last week’s 68%… fail at eating out so much and a mini-vacay.  Two pounds crept back up on the scale (-5 lbs since the start of this experiment).  The one upside is that I’m figuring out what really works for me.  In terms of Eatery, the difficult part is I’m not as jazzed as I use to be about it, but it has definitely become a habit.  The habit makes me more aware of what I’m eating in general, but it has yet steeped into making the best decisions.  Reviewing previous weeks, I think I do need to maintain 78% + to lose any weight.  Keys are to eat homecooked food mostly with plant-based proteins and breakfast that includes eggs/salad/fruit/milk it seems for me to be able to make good food decisions the rest of the week.







Sunday Pomodoro Check-In 6/3/12

4 Jun

Not bad based on schedule.  I had to make-up Thursdays pomos today because I slept too little and was too wiped out Thursday.



-2 Pomos Monday 

-2 Pomos Tuesday

-6 Pomos Wednesday

-2 Pomos Friday

-8 Pomos Sunday

Plan to:

Thursday – Three – Four Pomos

Friday – Two Pomos

Sunday – Six Pomos

Planned originally:


Monday – Four Pomos

Tuesday – Two Pomos

Wednesday – Four Pomos

Thurs – Two Pomos

Friday – Two to Three Pomos

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Six Pomos