Friday 7/20/12

20 Jul


One pound down. Time to survive weekend.


Fitocracy 7/18/12

18 Jul

Yay, leveled up!  Weekly goal reached in that regard.

Week’s goals:

  • Three days of running 10 minutes each using vibrams (scaled this down due to some knee pain and general vibram revenge)
  • Two days of lifting
  • 150 minutes of walking
  • One other day of activity



Sleep Cycle 7/18/12

18 Jul



Pomodoro Tuesday 5/22/12

23 May

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 10.34.47 PM

I’m very happy with Pomodoros for Sunday.  Got a lot done in terms of finishing up my Financial Statement Analysis class online that I will wrap up this week.  I have one pomodoro at home Monday and Tuesday with one each day during day not at home, right on scope.

For the rest of the week:

– I need to remember to update this Thursday and Sunday for beginning of the week planning.

– Two-three pomodoros on Wednesday to finish Financial Statement analysis class depending on when I get home.  I need to spend two-three during the day to wrap up some items there as well.

-Thursday one pomodoro due to travel.  Would still like some time devoted to GMAT items at this point.

-Friday four pomodoros for any class wrap-up and GMAT.




25 Apr


No idea what to make of this yet..